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You can now get free instant online access to copies of your personal Credit Reports from ALL the main Credit Reference Agencies in the UK.

Your UK Credit Report is a great asset as it determines your current Credit Status, and this affects how easy, or difficult, it is for you to get a mortgage, loans or credit cards.

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When you get your Free Credit Report you can check it to ensure that your Credit Score is as high as possible.

Unfortunately, simple mistakes can easily find their way on to your credit report. When you correct these you will be able to improve your Credit Rating to the level that it should be.

Effective management of your credit report could save you money.

Whenever you apply for a credit card, loan or mortgage your credit report is checked by your potential lender to help them decide if they want to lend to you and so that they can determine the interest rate that they will charge you.


Check that the details held on your free credit report are correct, so that you are not refused credit or charged a higher interest rate for the wrong reasons.

Review your credit history for free before you apply for mortgages, loans or credit cards to ensure you will get the best terms possible.

Be assured that when your credit rating is as high as it can be you will be able to borrow more money and get larger amounts of credit at lower interest rates.

Make sure your identity has not been stolen and fraud carried out using your personal details. Getting a free credit report now will give you peace of mind.

Compare your free credit reports from different Credit Agencies to make sure that they are all the same because when you apply for credit you have no way of knowing which credit reference agency your potential lender will use.

Sign up for Additional Agency Services, such as Email or Text alerts, to keep you informed when your report changes.


Take Control Of Your Credit Rating!

Your Credit Report can be an asset or a liability and you should check it just like you check your bank or credit card statement. If everything on your credit file is correct and up to date then you will find it comforting to know that your credit score is as high as it can be.

However clerical and administration errors mean that it is only too easy for incorrect and potentially damaging information to be added to your file at a credit agency without you even knowing about it.

Already Refused Credit?

If you have already had any sort of difficulty getting a new credit card, loan or mortgage then you really should check your credit report now. It is important that you examine your report carefully to determine why a Credit Check could be causing potential lenders to refuse your applications for credit.

Any errors or omissions on your report should be fixed as soon as possible so you can Repair Your Credit Rating so it reflects your true credit status.

Even if you think you know what the problem is you should still check your credit bureau report to ensure that there are no other items on your credit record which are affecting your credit score in a negative way.

Worried About Identity Theft?

If you think that you probably will not be affected by someone stealing your identity then you really should think again. Latest estimates suggest that identity fraud is costing the UK economy almost £2 billion and now affects tens of thousands of individuals. Identity theft is the new crime of the century and is the fastest growing type of fraud in the UK.

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It is easy to check your credit report and now you can do it for free...


Become a Credit Expert and See What Lenders See!

Other important things you can do with your Free Credit Report

See your full Repayment History for the last 3 years.

View Previous Credit Searches on you to see who has been looking at your personal credit file.

Check that your details are correct and up to date on the Electoral Roll.

Check for a CCJ (County Court Judgement) and check that your details on other Public Records are complete and accurate.

Make sure that your Free Credit Reports from each of the three UK credit bureaux all hold the same information about you, so it will be much easier to keep them all correct in the future.

Get instant online access if the pressure is on and you really need to know quickly if your credit status is good.

If you are not in a hurry and only want a single report each year then get a statutory credit report posted to you. Credit card not required.


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